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June 30, 2014 / Karen R Adams

miracle day


I picked up a magazine the other day while waiting to do a radio show (sorry, sorry, can’t remember the name of mag), and found an article on living a Miracle Day.  It wasn’t about a law of attraction thing, though why not?  It was about viewing each thing in your life as a miracle.  The author suggested walking through your day with a ‘caveman’ ancestor, and seeing your world through his eyes.

I thought that was an awesome idea, though I wanted to refine it a bit for my needs – and my ever quirky sense of humor.  (I mean, we probably wouldn’t get out of bed, since a caveman wouldn’t have seen a bed before.  Then I’d be in bed with a caveman… not going there!)

I decided I’d ask an ancestress from, oh, the early 1800s to walk with me.  Ancestress because a woman’s view would more closely match mine, and the early 1800s because the Industrial Revolution was just starting, and she might maybe have seen or heard of steam engines, or engines of any kind.  To simplify all this, I decided to call her Lydia.

So Lydia and I wake up in the morning, and the first thing that amazes us is how big and comfortable the bed is.  The sheets are clean and softer than what she’s used to – she loves this.  We have more than one pillow.  The bedroom is really big and light and… what’s this?  Isn’t it June in New England?  Isn’t it supposed to be hot?  How is our bedroom so comfortable?  Air conditioning is a miracle to her – and to me, truth be told.

She looks at the pictures on the walls and wants to know how they were made.  The paintings she understands, though she’s not used to such vivid colors, or paintings that aren’t recognizable as people or things.  But the photographs, oh my!  A ‘camera’?  What’s a ‘camera’?  Does everyone have one?  Do they cost a lot of money?  How do I get what’s inside onto paper?  I can do that more than once?  ‘Pon rep! she might say.

Notice that we haven’t even gotten out of bed yet (still in bed with an ancestor, hmmmm), nor moved from the bedroom, and already we’ve spent oodles of time with miraculous things.  Look at all the clothes I have.  I don’t have to share my bedroom – or my apartment.  I have huge windows of real glass.  Miracle, miracle, miracle!

I’m sure by now you see where I’m going with this.  Just taking this little bit of time to start my day with Lydia, to see my life through new eyes, lifts my heart, makes it sing with appreciation.  What a way to begin.  It affects my whole outlook, my whole day.

Can’t wait to hang out with Lydia some more!


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  1. Mary Tower / Jun 30 2014 3:13 pm

    Oh Karen this is sweet. And the picture is, too!! Thanks!! I was just thinking of you this morning!!

    • Karen R Adams / Jun 30 2014 7:02 pm

      Thanks, Mary! Isn’t that the best picture? Love that kid!

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