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September 2, 2013 / Karen R Adams

we can fix your knee…

About five years ago, a woman came to see me for the first time.  She wanted to know if acupuncture could help her sore knee.  She seemed a very nice woman, maybe a little nervous – but then, she’d never had acupuncture before.

We spent some time talking about her knee, where she felt the pain, when she felt it.  I opened my mouth to tell her to take off her shoes and socks, and get on the table.  That was what I intended to say.

This is what I said instead: ‘We can fix your knee, no problem.  Why are you really here?’

Freeze frame for a minute.  I had never said this, to anyone.  In my head, I’m watching myself say to myself: ‘who said that?’  Surely that wasn’t me.  My patient was flummoxed, and I hope she didn’t see that I was, as well.

Turns out there was a lot of stuff going on in her life, and that’s what we ended up working on.  I don’t believe I ever heard about the knee again, so I’m assuming she either healed it herself, or it had served its purpose by getting her to someone who could help her work on a deep level to heal and enrich her life.

The Chinese medicine classics say that all dis-ease is dis-ease of the spirit; by the time it shows up in the physical, it’s been around for a while.  I was going to add that sometimes falling off your bike is just falling off your bike – in other words, things can start on the level of the physical and progress to the level of the spirit, but I don’t really believe that.   Like the Navaho concept of hozho: things happen when we are out of harmony with ourselves and/or the world.

I see evidence of this all the time.  Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s pretty darn obvious.  Hate your job?  And you’re sick all the time?  Hmmm…  Have to start traveling 300 miles a week to help care for a sick relative – and you have back pain?  It’s all the same thing.

Sometimes what really needs to happen is your knee gets sorted so you can go back to work.  Or we have to support your back because you have to take care of your sister, even though the travel and so on upsets your life in a big way.

Doesn’t matter.  The deep work happens anyway, because we can’t separate bodymindspirit.   I love it when a patient tells me that they feel calmer, that things that used to bother them don’t anymore, or that when they get knocked off balance they recover much faster. They may still be having issues, but, because they feel stronger in themselves, the issues feel manageable.

I always tell people that their homework after a treatment is to just watch.  Something always changes, and it may not immediately be the knee.  They might sleep better that night.  They might stop snarling at other drivers in traffic.  Or my favorite: the 12 year old daughter who told her discouraged mother ‘you can’t quit acupuncture, you’re much less grumpy than you used to be’.

Everything that happens to us is an opportunity.  And I get it, some things are AFOG (Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth).   But the alternative is stagnation, no change, a flat line which leaves us with no joy.

So.  We can fix your knee.  Why are you really here?

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