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July 2, 2013 / Karen R Adams

we chose each other

me 2004 2Once a month I travel to eastern Mass to offer acupuncture to clients and staff at the On-Site Academy, a residential program for first responders experiencing the effects of critical incident PTSD.

It’s an hour’s drive each way, and this gives me the chance to listen to things that help me with my life and with my work.  This last visit, I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks CD, a personal favorite.  Abraham was talking to a woman who said ‘I tell my children “I’m so happy you chose me to be your mother”.’

That on its own was enough to get me thinking, things like ‘oh, yeah, I’m so happy my kids chose me’ and ‘I wonder why I’ve never said that to them?’ and ‘maybe I should find a way to work that into a conversation some time’.

Then Abraham said ‘we would rather you say “I’m so glad we chose each other” ‘, and I just about drove off the road, my brain got so overloaded with the possibilities of that one sentence.  Those possibilities present opportunities for countless blog posts, but (and I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear this) I’d like to just focus on one today.

When I started my acupuncture practice, I had a wee bit of trouble working my head around the idea that I would be making a living from someone’s misery.  In order for me to make a living, someone had to be in pain.

I was playing with these ideas of creating my own reality, the world is an illusion or a dream that I was having.  Unfortunately, one spin on that was I created you with your back pain so you could pay me money so I could live in a groovy apartment.  Uncomfortable, to say the least.

Among the many flaws in that thought ‘I created your back pain for me’ is that it completely denies that there are many, many people creating their own realities, dreaming their own dreams.  My thinking would start to get so convoluted, so profound, so beyond me that my hair would hurt.

In frustration, I decided that I would go with the ‘there are billions of us, we are all the stars of our own plays, we mingle and give and receive’ base.

Then I can build on the idea that life is a dance, a beautiful, complicated, intricate dance that weaves an ever-changing tapestry.  We change partners all the time, or maybe I should say we have many partners all the time.  I begin to see that, not only can you offer something to me, but what I offer is just what someone needs, and the wonder of it all is that we choose each other to work some healing magic.

Do you see that?  In everything we humans do, we choose others to help, to dance with, to enrich the event.  When I’m walking down the street, I choose you to smile at, and I feel good.  Maybe you smile back, then we both feel good.  Maybe you don’t, and a different set of opportunities opens up.

In any case, if we are in each others’ lives, we chose that.  We chose each other, and I’m so glad.

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