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April 22, 2013 / Karen R Adams

movement, always movement

I see this all the time in my patients (and in myself).  It’s like the only time we really get it about this living in the Now thing is when we’re miserable.  At these times, we believe that we will be there forever, that our back pain or depression will never go away, that the world is so dangerous we won’t leave the house just in case some mad bomber gets us, or we get the news, as I did a couple of weeks ago, that someone we love has been diagnosed with a chronic, debilitating illness.

We become afraid, afraid of so many things: there will never be enough, we will gradually get more and more decrepit until we can do nothing but sit in a chair and drool, our loved ones will die, we will die.

How much harder is it to feel this way in Spring, when the world is full of hope?

Fear is the pathological emotion of the Kidneys, and the climate that corresponds to the Kidneys is Cold.  Cold constricts and constrains, making it difficult to move.  Fear is also associated with Water, which can freeze up – or rush in many directions at once with great power and little focus.

Here’s the thing, though.  We never stay the same.  Even when we are locked into our fear or despair we are always changing.  We usually don’t see that because we are so focused on our misery that we are only seeing a small segment of time.  Things look very different when we can see the big picture of our lives.

We are eternal beings.  The movement of our lives is visible from the standpoint of eternity.  I find great relief and comfort in that knowledge.  As miserable as I may feel, when I remember that I am eternal, the misery is shown to be so transient as to barely be a blip.

It’s hard to remember that when things don’t go the way we want or hope for.  Tell you what.  If you’ll remind me, when I’m lost in my fear, that I am eternal, I’ll remind you.

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