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February 3, 2013 / Karen R Adams

spirit horse

I was one of those kids who came into this world mad about horses.  You know, the kid who won’t wash her hands after riding so she can smell horses and leather all night?  That was me.chinese horses

I got my first horsey job when I was 12, and I managed to spend the next 20+ years of my life hanging around barns, loving these great creatures who are so beautiful even the memories of them make my heart sing.

Eventually I found that I couldn’t be a single mother and make a living with horses that would feed and house my family, so I explored other incarnations until I found my way to acupuncture.  When I began training to be an acupuncturist, I was determined to not treat humans.  I saw humans as being a lot of work, and – because I’m an empath – really tricky for me.  I wanted to treat horses.  In my second year, I began to see my way to working with human people, and I’ve never regretted that switch.

Still.  Horses call to me, and I was ecstatic to learn last year that I don’t have to be a vet in my state to provide acupuncture to animals.  I knew there would be a learning curve, but I was 10 years into my life as a practitioner, and I was ok with feeling my way.  All I needed was a couple of horses to begin exploring the ins and outs, and I’d be on my way to expanding the joy I find in my craft.

I found a trainer who really got that there was more to horses (or in her case, more to ponies) than work partnerships.  She knew that ponies were, dare I say it, an incarnation of Universal Spirit that had a special affinity with human incarnates.  The trick was to find a way for humans and ponies to work together.  And, just like humans, when ponies got hurt or sick, there was more going on than just the physical.  She was willing to let me have a go at helping heal a couple of her friends.

Holy cow.  The first time I put my hands on a pony with the intent of doing some healing work, I was overwhelmed with information.  The spirit level of this pony had so much to say!   She was telling me, among other things, that she just didn’t feel right, she was tired, there was something about the area behind her ears, and maybe at her girth (she actually kept bringing her nose there, like she was pointing).  She liked her job, but not so much right now… the data just kept coming.  So did the information from the trainer (and not just in words), so input overload for me!

Compounding my confusion was the knowledge/fear I had that what I needed to do might not get the results that the trainer wanted, or might not be immediately evident.  How could I build a business with these stories in my head?

I tried a couple more times, with similar results.  I just couldn’t – at the time – figure all this out.  I really, really wanted to integrate the messages the ponies were giving me with the information from the owners with my interpretations, and I just couldn’t.  I felt paralyzed.  I needed to think about it, digest it, figure out how to act on the information.  I especially needed to figure out how to let go of these limiting stories I created.

Just recently, my daughter (through her love of horses) asked me to hook up with a group that rescues draft horses, provide some acupuncture for the horses.  I balked initially – money, time, blah blah blah.  Now I’m thinking I’m just going to say yes to these folks, and see what happens.  Maybe I’ve got a handle on the information overload.  I’ve done a lot more work with humans on this level since I tried the ponies, so I have more experience.

Maybe I just need to trust that, because I get a lot of joy from this, I just need to step up and do it.  That makes my heart sing, so I guess I should listen to that.


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  1. Robin / Feb 5 2013 12:09 am

    As a fellow Empath…message received….”Follow Your Bliss”
    and you will “bliss out”!:-)

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